Emo Post

It's 30th Dec today and the time now is 1.45am. I'm very awake now. Few friends are at my house now. Am very happy tonight that they all came over for steamboat. Even my cousins came.

LOVE THEM MUCH!!!! To the very bits!!!

Can I have some emo post now? Haha! It's funny how someone who is drunk can even blog. Hahahah! Ok fine. I'm not drunk. I just feel drunk. I mean, I wana get drunk but I can't.

ARGh! Crapping!!! Just feel like updating la actually. Cos I haven't been updating my blog for days since my mum left. Will story more in my later post =)

Cheers people~ How did you celebrate your Christmas? And how are you gonna party for tomorrow night? Hahahaha! I hear laughter from living room. Nice friends I have with me.

Really love you all~ Thanks so much for accompanying me for nights~ Hugs and kisses~

Will post up what I did and where I went while my mum and bro isnt' around. Hahaha! No pic for this post. I know it's bored. Aiya just read nia ma! Hahahaha!

p/s: Oh Lord, please just fulfill my one and only wish for the night. Amen!


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