ED Xmas Party @ Teachers' house

Last weekend there was a Christmas Party being held at Alysha & Paul's house. This Christmas Party is specially for EarthDance stoodent. Hiakz!

Venue: Dodi & Momi house
Time: 7pm til late

As always, I don't like to go any party being late. So I left earlier. Much earlier. Haha! Went to buy gifts for the night. Shopped around Green Gallery and BDC with Alvin and Allen. They're so nice to accompany me buy gifts. Haha! Thanks guys~

Anyway, after I bought the gift, went to aunty's house to take the noodle and head over to teachers' house. I was the first to reach. Haha!
Then Alysha handed me a piece of paper, asked me to write my name and some wishes. It's for the gift exchange later. Then I was dutied to collect people's name. Haha!
I expect to do some arranging there but ended up with these things. A basket and an orange container. Whoever comes in will have to come to me, I'll have to pass them papers and pens to write their names. Hahaha!
Jeng jeng jeng! Some shots of Alysha (Please don't kill me Alysha!) Haha! Look at her devil horns. Haha! She's been standing at the door welcoming people into the house. Not only does she welcome them, she asked for present from them! She really suits that position. Haha!
Food! Some of the food were cook by Alysha's mum and some of them were brought by us.
The kids group~ Er....Why do I see two big small kids? Hahaha!
People mountain people sea! They actually came quite late. Around 7.30pm then you see one by one of them arriving. Some of Alysha's cousins were there too.
Hahahahaha!!! Everyone was busy taking food to fill their stomach but...this two...hmm....I wonder what were they doing. Kept pointing at the tv. No idea. Haha!
Some vain shots before the party really started.
Top left: Alysha and me
Top right: Me and Ricky
Bottom (left to right): Steven, Warrence, Feng, Hui, Michelle and Cheryl
Top: Michelle and Cheryl ** Steven and Ricky
Bottom: Lung and Ricky ** Me and Chee (we're the only two with santa hats)
EarthDance's shuai ge (handsome bro) Haha! We have Ah Gui, Steven, King, Ricky and Ah Heng (Teacher Paul excluded) Hahahaha!!! Cos you're only handsome to Alysha! LoLx!
The three musketeers. Namely Ah Heng (top), Paul (middle) and Ah Gui (bottom)
These were the finalist of Mr and Ms Xmas 2007. Chee and Michelle were finalist for Ms Xmas while Steven and Siang were finalist for Mr Xmas. Funny you see, one is bro and sis while the other is a couple. Haha! And the winner is.......
Mr Xmas 2007 is Steven! and Miss Xmas 2007 is Michelle! Wee weet~
Gifts exchange: Deborah got my gift while I got King's gift. Hehe =)
Earth Dance Family~ Love you all~ It's a fun night! A night to remember~ Hope to see you all again next year~ Weeee~~
MeRrY ChriStmAs tO yOu aLL aT eaRTh dANcE~!


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