31st December 2007

It's the last day of year 2007 now. Anything up tonight? Sure all of you have plans huh. As for me, my mum's coming back from KL this noon. Tonight I can go places but...due to some reason I don't think I'm going anywhere.

Forget about tonight...

Let's look back year 2007...I've been tagged by Sharon and am still havent do the tag yet. I am to write about happy moments during year 2007. Many things happened this year. Not that very happy. But...BUT!

There's one thing I wana declare here...One thing which brighten up my days alot! Which is...I'm really glad I've met a group of new friends.. http://kuchingbloggers.com/ This is us! We are one! And no one can beat us down! Blood is thicker than water =) Skype is more than everything!

I'll find a day to post up everything I haven't update. Hehe =) Cheers people~ Have fun tonight!


SilverIsle said…
I truly envy the friendship shared among all Kuching bloggers yo. Keep it up! =)

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