KFC Lunch..

Thanks for all collegues for chia me lunch at Country Court last Friday. Alot alot of thankiu.Today and also last two days in the company, so i take this opportunity to chia them back lo...
Don't know what to eat also.... need to fixed a budget also bah.... hehe..
End up.. i had got a final decision to chia them just simple lunch.. hehe .. KFC...

:: Serving featured is for illustrated purpose only.. keke..
1 set HS barrel (21pcs chicken) - RM59.65
1 Large french fries - RM3.29
1 Large potato wedges - RM3.29
12 pcs chicken nuggets - RM8.33
Sub total - RM74.56
5% GST - RM3.73
::Grand total - RM78.29 (Round up RM78.30)



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