Black and white

Hah. Let's see what I have been spending lately. Hehe =D Bought these few stuff few weeks ago. Just got no time to update.
The dress was bought online. Cost me RM35 or somewhere there. Forgot dy. The belt from Jenny boutique. Only RM15. Kekeke =D The sandals from Vincci. Also forgot the price dy. Chamz. I'm getting old. Tends to forget things easily =.=''' The necklace and bracelet both bought at State Library. Why library? Cos that time we were having roadshow there mah! Hehehe =D The necklace only RM10 and bracelet RM6. Cheap huh. Now that I remember. Haha!

Ok nothing liaw. Just a simple update of myself.


*Actually there's still more other new stuff which I bought. Will try to update them laters~


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