Berrylite at Boulevard Kuching

Holla! Anyone has NEVER heard of the name Berrylite? Well I for one, am very "katak di bawah tempurung" (Direct translation: Frog under the lily pad) so I admit I've never heard of this name before. Another reason being, they're not available in Kuching. But not anymore! Alright. Let me just do a slight introduction before you all come throwing me questions about Berrylite.

Copyright from Berrylite's Facebook page:

Singapore's 1st authentic American 100% fat-free frozen yogurt, Berrylite, is made fresh daily and NEVER from powder. Our frozen yogurt is packed with millions of live and active probiotics that support a healthy immunity and digestive system.

Berrylite is simply chock full of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It's all-natural, 100% fat-free and gluten-free. Feeling the heat in sunny days? Chill out with Berrylite's decadent yet guilt-free frozen yogurt!

Berrylite has been certified by the National Yogurt Association's Live and Active Culture Seal (USA) for meeting the required criteria for healthy frozen yogurt.

Berrylite's frozen yogurt is just like ice cream but even better! Great taste, no fat! What are you waiting for? Come visit us and try it for yourself!

Last night I was very lucky to be one of the selected bloggers to attend the pre-launch of Berrylite at Boulevard, Kuching. It's located at Phase 2. When the roller shutter opens, it's just a few steps away from Fashion Girl (Phase 1). A brightly lit small hangout place. Spot their cheerful staffs all wearing Superman tshirt! =)

I love yogurt as much as I love cheese! I do not drink milk so I replace my calcium intake with yogurt and cheese! Lots of them! <3

There's 4 sizes to choose from. 5oz, 8oz, 11oz and 16oz. They have a name for each size. Wanna hear the story? Hahaha! Ok I better don't spoil the secret behind those names but do feel free to ask the staffs there for a story-telling session. Hee~

Pricing ranking from RM8.50 to RM16.50. Of course, pricing does vary depending how many toppings you add on =)

Next is the toppings section. They have fruits and pearls and chocs and candies! Why not try the standard ones which is 3 toppings per cup? I had a good time mix and matching the flavours. Oh yeah! They have MORE THAN 10 yogurt flavours to choose from!

Yogurt flavours: Original, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Peach mango, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, White chocolate, Mint and many more!!!

Play with your favourites. Kiwi, strawberry, mango, peach, grapes, honey pearl, fruitty pearl and many others! I love how kiwi and strawberry mix well with the sour flavour of their original yogurt. Slurps~ Ah I should have taken more last night!!! =P

Chocolate chips anyone? Needless to say, MY FAVOURITE! =P

Or maybe sunflower seeds for some of you? I think my mom would love to have this =)

Or maybe fruity pebbles? This is so gonna be my bro's choice. Am thinking of bringing them over once the shop is launch =)

The SUPER happy staffs preparing my yogurt! They're so friendly and are very attentive! Don't be afraid about your toppings cos one thing for sure, they ain't stingy! =D

My Blind Date with Berrylite. Chocolate flavoured yogurt with peach and fruity pearls. The toppings was chosen by them cos I was busy snapping photos around =P Just so you know, this is not the exact size. It's just our sampling size. Their smallest, Blind Date size is bigger than this.

Hook me up with Berrylite! My 2nd cup was chosen by myself. Kiwi and strawberry and never to forget, Oreo toppings! =D

I'm falling in love with this yogurt! Why? I'll list you my reasons.

#1 It's so smooth that it melts right when it touches your tongue. Hmm......
#2 It's not sweet at all! Of course it's yogurt~ 
#3 It's not too cold. Cos whenever I have ice-cream, I get that tiny sting on my gums but not this!
#4 Let me repeat, THEY. ARE. NOT. STINGY. WITH. THE. TOPPINGS. Hahaha!
#5 Need I say more? Oh come on! Go give it a try already!

Thank you so much to Faithlyn who extended the invitation to me. I had so much fun last night! Looks like Kuching has got a new hangout place~ Now stop complaining that there's no place to go on Sunday afternoon! =P

Berry Berry Berry LITE! I'm gonna go back for mooooooooooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Let's see, I shall wait for more yogurt flavours that's gonna come in soon. And I'm gonna try all their toppings! Seriously, can I turn back time to last night and savour more? =D Pweeeess?

Ah? I forgot to mention when is the opening? OH NO!!!!!


1ST JUNE 2012

Mark this date on your calendar NOW! And you MUST drop by on their first day! Why? Read lah the huge photo attached below =D

Thank you to all Berrylite staffs! 
You guys are great!


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