Blackie's Little Pups

Last week when I went to bf's place, I received awesome surprise! Bf's house has 2 dogs. Previously they had puppies but all were gone now due to sickness and some accidents. But then this time, surprise surprise! 

I was surprised by 9 little black and white puppies! They were so adorable! They're just a few days old so they have yet to open their eyes and can't move their limbs. They only snuggle around turning here and there. Super cute just watching them snuggle. Hehehe =D How I wish I can bring at least one home.

But bf told me that the puppies cos of lack of milk and proper food, half were gone. Left 5 pups now =( Sho sad! I have yet to visit them though. I wish the 5 that's left will be able to survive.

Ah this is the father of the pups. His name is Blackie. Ok so they did not call him Blackie. I just translated from its Hakka name. They called him Ah Bu which means ah black. Hahaha! Or just Bubu which means black black.


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