Happy Mother's Day

It's that time of the year again. For everyone to give their mother a good treat! A time for all of us being children to appreciate our mothers. But then I kinda disagree to this statement. Everyday should be mother's day! Everyone should love and appreciate their mothers every single moment because without them, you will never be in this beautiful world~ So how was your celebration? Did you buy your mom a present? Or treat her out for dinner? Or maybe send her for relaxing spa? 

Last year me and my bro made pizza topped with heart made out of chocolates. This year, I decided to go for something extra! I planned the whole thing about a week ago. Made changes here and there. We celebrated a night earlier because Sunday noon my bro won't be home to help out. Not that he helped out much but still, an extra pair of hands is kinda useful at times like this.

The dinner we cooked for our dearest mommy! I modified most of the dishes into our own taste. Hehe =P

This is salad wrapped in poh piah skin. It's supposed to be warm outside and cold inside but we wrapped it too early and I dumbly didn't put them into the fridge =( Turned out a failure! Another mistake was the vege. Mom said I should put green leafy vege but instead should put beans. Ok no more next time. I'll just make proper salad =D

Sardin macaroni! My creation! Hahaha! Now this one turned out abit too saucy. Bro didn't like it much but mom managed to finish hers. Mistake is yes, I should have taken out the sauce instead of pouring the whole can. Dumb dumb!

Last but not least, the main dish of the night: Cottage Pie! I Googled up this recipe and told myself that I must do this! This one turned out to be a success! Except the part that my oven doesn't work well and neither does my electric oven. I need a proper oven to bake this pie. The base wasn't cooked like the top part which by right, they should be the same. It's still edible and yes it's very nice! Thumbs up for myself! =P

I would love to try again for the pie. But then again, I do need a proper oven first. So that I can control the top and bottom fire separately. Anyway, mom didn't complain anything. She was hyped at the sight of the Cottage pie. Hehe =) Hope she's happy with this meal. Will cook more interesting stuff next time. I wanna learn how to bake more varieties of cakes!



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