Gift From Singapore

Last Tuesday bf flew off to Singapore for some work purposes. Was there for only one night but heck things sucks much when I couldn't contact him at all! I had to wait for hours before he finally figured out how to use the public phones there. Luckily he found one nearby too. I think if it's Kuching then you will have tough luck searching for public phones eh. 

Oh if you're saying why can't he just call me up by roaming, let me tell you, his phone wasn't on roaming =.=''' I tried calling up Maxis and see if I can be the 3rd party and help set the codes and all since I'm his sub-line but nope, they don't allow me to do so. So I had to bear with the urge of sending him a text message. Seriously this sucks alot! But am glad it's just for 24 hours. 

That feeling when you can't contact your other half at all, not knowing where he stays and there's not a single way you can contact him cos he could be walking anywhere and even if you have friends there, they can't contact him either. That feeling is not a good feeling at all. But at the end of the rains, rainbow does appear. Receiving a morning call and hearing that voice is such bliss! 

Ok enough of my emotional crap. Bf is such love! He went shopping for my stuff when he's there. Cos he was all alone and there's so much time to be wasted before the next day, he went searching around for my clothes and accessories! 

A set of blue marbles necklace and earrings. Another 4 pairs of earrings. Boy I've never received so many accessories at one time! Given by my beloved is a plus! I'm loving that pair of long silver earrings. Spells PERFECT for dinner! =D

2 dress for me! He loves blue and me loves red. I know that's magenta but oh well it's still reddish =P Love the blue flowery dress! So summery~ Perfect for a beach day out!

Last but not least, if you ever get head-stuck and do not know what to buy for me, just get me CHOCOLATES! I'm a huge fan of chocolates! No I don't care how much fat it's gonna put me onto. I just love them to the bits! This time bf got me dark chocolates. Love!

Love is definitely happiness! Thank you dearie! 


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