Bravo Delizze Cafe

Last Saturday, on our usual night out, initially we wanted to go Boulevard cos I received a call from Boulevard's staff asking if I wanna join their aeroplane chess competition again. But then after much thoughts, we're short of one person and the time might clash with another event, so I chose not to join. And since we're not heading down to Boulevard, we might as well just find a nearby place to have simple dinner.

Turned out our dinner wasn't that simple either =P We headed to bf's friend's place at 4th Mile. It's called Bravo Delizze Cafe located behind 688 at 4th Mile. It's a corner shop next to a pet shop. I kinda love the environment there =)

The 2 hungry pigs' dish. I find the plate very fascinating. But then it's way too big to serve anything at home. It's gonna take up more spaces on the table than needed.

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce.

Guinness Stout pork chop! 

I would say the chicken chop is as common as you can find it anywhere. But the main topic of the night was that Guinness stout pork chop. I for one never had a sip of Guinness stout and I would say, give this dish a try! It could be a lil too salty for me but who knows it suits all of you just right =) Probably I got too used to home cook's meal that I find the food outside rather salty. We don't use salt in our cooking at home. Hehe =P

Price wise, it's the standard price. I wouldn't say RM13.80 for such nice dish is consider expensive. A very nice place to chill with friends. Do drop by! Cheers~ =)


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