Yin Yang Cake

Last night I baked another butter cake! But this time, mom was home with me and she indeed is a great helper. Of course where did I learn my baking from except from my one and only beloved mother right? =) 

Mom asked me to bake the cake a different way. Adding some pattern and not just plain dull butter cake. After I'm done with everything, before pouring the whole mixture into the baking tray, she add some Milo into half of the mixture. She was searching high and low for cocoa powder and vanilla essence but sadly we didn't restock them cos we haven't bake for so long. So she had to use Milo instead.

This was how the mixture looks like before bake. I called it the Yin Yang cake. Haha!

After one hour of baking. Yum yum! It looks yummy of course! But one thing I dislike about this cake is the smell. That very heavy smell of milk! I felt so yuck when I was doing the mixture. The butter that I was using has the super heavy smell of milk. And yes, if you do know me well enough you will know better that I do not drink milk.

Normally I use Planta to bake. But this time bf got me another type of butter. The one with the golden barrel picture. I'm so not touching the butter side of this cake. The Milo part, I just took a few bites and it's ok. Man I swear I'll NEVER buy that butter again! Nearly got me puking! =.=

Anyway, this cake is gonna be kept til Friday for that special getaway we're having =) I just hope bf's friends can help to finish it.


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