Purse from YL

The other night, baby boy suddenly gave me a surprise gift *grins* All these while, he never give me anything by surprise. It's always either asked me to choose or asked what I want or anything lah. This is the first time.

My feelings was somehow complicated though. Don't know why. Hahaz!

Anyway, pics below...This is how the wrapping was like. I wonder if he knows I'm getting to like brown or is he just choosing the color for the sake of choosing. Haha!
Peep inside~ There's a letter attached and NO I'm not gonna reveal what he wrote =)
The purse came in greyish brown. Kinda pair with my new handbag though. I guess he chose it to pair with my handbag cos it was given by him too.
It has lots and lots of slots and pockets.
There's double layer too~
This is how it's like. Nice o not?

Now, comment something ler~

p/s: Thanks dar! I like it much~



ahlost said…
Why JF surprise me no more? :(
aNgeL-cuPid said…
haha! come come let me ask jf come here read. lolx!

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