Tarot Cafe

Last Friday night, after work, I headed over to the newly opened Tarot Cafe for dinner. I arrived there first. Then in awhile, Pinky came. Then appear LL. I had my dinner there. Both of them ate earlier on.

Before any of them come. I did took some pictures of the interior.The place's kinda cozy. I was very surprised that it's so packed with people! I still thought there will be no seats nymore. Hakz~
As many of you should have know, I love astrology and believes almost all of it. Hee~
Ok larh hor?
This is the menu. I browsed quite long just to make up my mind of which drink to order. There aren't any description of what drinks are they. They're based on the tarot cards. Unique huh~
I flipped through for sOoOoOo LONG! The waiter waited til I asked her to serve others first and will call for her later on. Haha!
They too have games.
At last what did I order? Just blackcurrant with lemon. Hahaha!
This is my dinner. Fried rice with turkey ham. Only two piece =.=''' But the portion is quite alot. Quite nice~ Hehee =D

After I finished my dinner, we chatted around. Then said to call up Woofer and K.I. They both arrived quite late. First time I went out til so late with friends! And surprisingly mum didn't call to chase me home. Hahaha!

We all went crazy there! The whole place was filled with our laughters. Then only until 12am that they're willing to go home. I was so tired! But it's very fun to hang out with them~ =D

My comment on the place? Um...I might go back again lah. I like the drinks there. The food is just ok lor. Will bring baby boy along next time =)



Sharon said…
I went there on last saturday. Haha. The udon soup is nice :) Besides, it's my friend's shop. Hehe!!
ahlost said…
The food and drinks there are OK.. Just that the service there is not good lor.

Complaint few times but still the same !!

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