10th Month Anniversary

Sorry for the hyper late post. Hehe =D Was supposed to post this last weekend but went hyper lazy. So I just dozed my day off~ Haha! Anyway, this month's anniversary falls on New Year. So me and darling head over to Frydays Chicken. I know I know! It's opened very long already but we haven't try there marh. Along the entrance. Baby boy said the chicken was like pointing its bad finger. Hahahaha! And he kept mimicking the chicken =.='''
I love this one! Especially the lil one with the egg on its head. Hahaha! Shoooo CUTE!
Surprisingly it was very empty there on that day. I wonder if the place is always empty like this. (O.o)? The place quite nice. Very clean. As from what I can see lah!
The Christmas tree is still there. Hee~ See! Empty kan?
The counter. Also empty? Uh oh! Hahahaha! Actually not lah! The girl and the guy went into the kitchen so I quick quick snap the pic. Hehe =D
This cat so cute eh! It's the bring-fortune-cat (zhao cai mao). So fat larh!
Oh and I love these! They attracted me the most. Hahahahaha! Tomato sauce and chilli sauce actually can attracts me eh? I love the huge can. Blek~
I had coffee while darling had coke. Can't drink cold marh! And was actually half asleep still. So just grab coffee to wake myself up. But I ended up sleeping the whole noon. Hahaha! Immuned to coffee?
This set came free! Why? Cos I was given this free one set meal voucher by Felicia. Nice leh~
I had chicken burger. I love the burger~ The fries, baby boy said not so nice lor. But still acceptable for me lah~
Baby boy had fish burger. Smell something fishy? Kekekeke =P

Overall, I think the place is acceptable for me cause it's clean. But one thing I don't like is their salad. They had baked beans in it. So that makes the whole thing not good. Hehe =D



yonglim said…
ah..late post,i penalize u.hehe..
i had no much comment on tat place.

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