JLo Glow after Dark

I wana show you all something which I have been wanting to have =) Finally someone is there to give it to me as Christmas present. Hiak hiak~

Ok. To all of you who are reading this, please and PLEASE! DO NOT! And I mean DO NOT ask who gave it to me. No matter who ask. I will never answer. Hahahaha!

Cos it's from someone special. Oh! And I can give a hint. The perfume is all the way from Melbourne~ Heee~This was how the wraping was like. Just simple lah. What you expect worh~ Already is there to give me worh~ So nice liaw boh~ Still want to hiam meh? Keke =D
Jeng jeng jeng~ Even the box is nice. Haha!
I sOoOo LOVE JLo's perfume. Cos I love JLo~ Keke =D
Something sneaky~
Wild~ Sexy~ Breathless~ Oh my! Hehe =P
Tada~ Hehe =D
Nice right?
I like the smell much!
Oh how I wish I can wear this as a pendant. Haha!
Ahhh~ I'm so melted~ Over a perfume? Ah who cares~
*wink wink*

xOxO *tons of hugs n kisses!*
Little gurl~


standss86 said…
Wa... happy liao oh!! =x i think the peach color one smell nicer ler. lol.
ahlost said…
Wow.. So nice !!

How's the smell like?
aNgeL-cuPid said…
happy yes...but there's just something...

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