U Bistro

A newly opened Mediterranean bistro located at Jalan Song Thian Cheok, just right next to the old MAS building. Was grateful that I got the invitation for food tasting. I can already smell the pizza and lamb and sirloin from far =D

It's very easy to spot. Opened since August and the business had been pretty good. They even serve breakfast. Maybe I can drop by some day for a different kind of breakfast instead of just noodles or porridge.

Ever seen a kitchen set right at the entrance? Now you get to see how they actually grill their chicken and bake their pizza. Yummy!

Their design concept is cozy and modern. This small place can occupy up to 40 pax! A great place for small parties and events kan? Hehe =)

Now let's take a look at their menu and start slurping.....

Coral green salad. This isn't the portion for one person cos we're all sharing a plate.

Garden green salad. I love this cos me love croutons! Hehehe =P

Garlic bread with toppings. Another yummy appetizer.

Grilled chicken. Marinated with local herbs and spices and best thing about this is that it's being served with homemade green chilli sauce.

Tropical grill lamb shoulder. This is one of the best lamb shoulder I'd ever had! It's not only tender and juicy but also cooked to perfection! Awesome dish!!! This is a MUST TRY!

Tropical lamb cutlet. Served with slices of potato, brinjal and midin. All of the dishes here are mainly grilled because their purpose is to serve healthy food. Less oil and more of natural herbs and spices. Even on their pizza too!

There you go. Pepperoni and herbs & spices pizza. Each costing less than RM20 for 10" pizza. Not bad right? Not bad you say? You have yet to taste the pizza! You will definitely be going back for more! And when you decided to go back, please do invite me along. I'm lovin' the pizza much!!! =D

The place is open from morning 9.30am til night 10.30pm. They have lunch set too. Price ranging from RM10 to RM15 for a 4 course lunch meal. But if you want to organize a party or event there, everything can be discussed =) Just give them a call and you will be served well. Oh contact number! 082-233243 or just email them at ubistrokuching@gmail.com

Last but not least, thank you the the management of UBistro especially Anthea for extending the invitation. I had a wonderful time there. They always say, food makes you happy no? Hehe =)

Come on guys! What are you waiting for??? Head down there right now for the awesome food!


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