Sze Min 21st Birthday

Last Wednesday I was proud to be invited to baby girl, Sze Min's 21st birthday bash. I know the party was gonna be huge and I can't wait for the food and cakes. Why? Because baby girl is the daughter of Taka's boss. So definitely her cake is gonna be super creative and beautiful. 

Reached Banquet on time at 7pm and I was seated alone at the table with strangers. Huu huu~ I was a lil not prepared for the dinner cos I went there alone and I don't know if I will bump into anyone I know. But oh well, no harm making new friends right? =)

The beautiful cake! This cake itself took 2 guys to carry it in. This is not the only cake that night. There's a total of 3 cakes. Another one was a 3 tiered cake with a mini cooper on top and the other is full of M&Ms. Hehe =) Such love~

Lots of cupcakes were being served that night. I didn't managed to try them all cos I was way too full. And since I don't have close friends there, I can't actually share half my cupcake with others =( Nevermind, I supposed I can find all these at Taka cake house. Wahaha!

Cute little cupcakes from Sze Min to us. These are the limited ones available on stage. Hehehe =P

And the sexy ones too! Wootz! girl surrounded by her besties~

New friend that I met. Irene. She came alone too. A very nice girl but not as talkative as myself. Hehe =P

Another new friend, Winny. This girl is wacky and fun and so cheerful to be with! So glad to have met her!

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Baby Girl~ A grown up now eh. Hehe =) I'm always glad to have you as my sister~~


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