Mini Sewing Machine

Back in the days where China was still being ruled by dynasty kings, they used to say that every girl must know how to stitch. But these days, many girls are losing interest at those itsy bitsy tiny minny work. To me, I fell in love with stitching ever since I know how to sew the first dress for my Barbie. Haha! Since then I start to sew everything I can sew. From Barbie clothes to fixing my own buttons to learning cross stitching from my cousin. Magic can be created using just a needle and a thread. Fix what is broken, create what is on mind.

My mom has an old fashioned sewing machine. The old wooden ones where you need to paddle in order to keep the machine running. I tried to learn few times. But in the end, I gave up. It just doesn't work well for me. Everyone told me it's like driving where you need to hold your steering and step on the accelerator but it's just not the same!

So ever since the electrical sewing machine was created, I've been wanting one. But this thing ain't cheap. So I keep on hesitating and dragging til today. MyDeal was having this offer coupon of only RM69 for a mini sewing machine. I was again hesitating whether to buy or not cos I was financially tight at that time, but someone explained some words to me and I end up digging the soil for gold just to get myself a mini sewing machine.

RM69 coupon plus RM8 postage was being paid for this mini sewing machine which took about 2 months to arrive. Complications and lots of stuff happened in between so therefore the delay of arrival. I'm not gonna mention it. Don't want to ruin the company's name.

The size of the sewing machine compared to my keyboard. Yes it is that mini but I love it. It's so easy to bring around everywhere I go. Oh and that's the pedal.

The sewing machine also comes with a few other accessories. I do not know what do you call all these but yeah, those are just it.

The next thing that I need? Clothes and cottons! I have yet to start using it cos I've been packing my schedules everyday trying to utilize my holidays~ =) Shall wait and see what can I create with this mini sewing machine. Hee~


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