Mummy's Birthday at Garden Hill

Mom's birthday falls on August 22nd. And once again I'm late for posting about it. This year, I did not prepare any present for her. Blame it all on me. I wasn't in the mood to shop for any gift. Kinda ran out of idea also. So I thought just bring her to a nice dinner.

We celebrated 2 days earlier since it was Raya holiday. I've been wanting to bring my mom to Garden Hill cos I love the environment there and the food was acceptably nice. I made a reservation that noon and we went there happily that evening.

Everything turned out to be a disaster when the food came. What I realized was, the management must have changed people already. They renovated the place. No more nice pond. Although still have nice lanterns hanging around. When I looked at the menu, I was extremely shock and went speechless. I can't just get up and leave. So I had to pick from whatever that is on the list.

This is my mini mix platter.

Then my mom's chicken chop came. Right.

My brother's prawn skewer.

Maybe I should have realize earlier that these are all vegetarian food. Bigger notice please! I felt so bad for bringing my mom to such place for dinner. Sigh...Should have brought her to Mr Ho instead. I owe my mom another good dinner now. Gotta replace it some day.


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