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1st of September, I posted on Facebook that I faced Life itself. Indeed I did. Not in a bad way but in a rather surprising way of telling me that this could be my fate.

The day started off pretty early. Initially wanted to go hiking with cousin but was cancelled so we both went back to sleep. Then when I woke up, I went on arranging for dinner to meet with Elisha and the rest since he was back in town. Plan kept switching from one to another. Til noon nothing was really confirmed. I received a phone call from cousin asking for tea break. So off I went for our girls session at Bing. 

Later Twitter became active and my phone rang non-stop from all the tweets received. In the end, we all decided to call for a steamboat party at Kim's place and board games for the after party. Kim and Cath did all the shopping and preparing. 

The food bought by Kim and Cath. Total 8 of us eating inclusive Mojoe who went around trying to pick a food.

After dinner, it's game time!

Mike brought his old version of RISK. The armies and cannons that I miss so much! But we didn't play this. Instead we were all more attracted to the new board game that Kim bought.

A very colorful and fun-looking board game called Life. This is the Life that I faced that night. Let me explain a little on how does this game go.

From start, you choose either to start off with college life or as a working adult. Working adult received salary while college student will have to borrow a loan from the bank. Me and Mike chose to start off as college student while Elisha and Cath started off as working adults.

As the game goes on, there are pit stops which is the orange colored box. You don't need a dice to roll for the number, the round thing in the middle is a spin wheel with numbers from 1 to 10. Spin and move your car. Since I'm a college student, my first pit stop is during graduation where I need to choose my career. This is when I faced my life.

Our of 6 cards, I had to pick out two cards without knowing what are they and from the 2 cards, I choose one. The moment I flipped the two cards, I had a good laugh myself. Is this coincidence or what? I am so destined to be an accountant.

From career, you get ups and downs in life. Everyone is forced to get married. Even during marriage, every other player will need to pay you a sum of money as angpow. Hehe =P Then there will also be kids at which I got a twin =.=''' There's also honeymoon, continue studies, losing your job, donations, vacations and lots more. It's really like going through life itself.

At the end of the day, you will retire and get to choose 2 ways of retiring. One is the old folks home where your Life cards are secured and the other is to stay in a mansion where your Life cards can be taken by other players if needed. When every other player finishes the game, the one with the highest value of assets will win the game.

My asset is buying a Modern Victorian house. At which I paid off with cash! Haha! If only we can buy a house that cost 500k with cash alone. I did not choose my dream house which is a Penthouse because it's too expensive. And just like reality, bank loan will need to be paid back with interest charged. A 5k interest is being charged for every 20k you loan.

I think this is a good game. It actually got me thinking. These are all the ups and downs in life. When you faced them in a game, it's just a game, spin the wheel and move on. But in life, can you just spin the wheel? Although yes the wheel is like our time itself. You just gotta move on but how are you gonna solve your past problems? In game, you can forget about it and just look forward to what's ahead because your point is to finish the game. But in life, our aim is not to end our life, but to enjoy the journey of life. Yes we need to move on but we can't forget our past, we need to remember them and take is as either a good memory or a good lesson in life. Of course, every single person must look forward to what's ahead but at the same time, you must not forget to enjoy the scenery around you.

I am currently at a pit stop of my life. I will be jobless soon. I have yet to secure any job. I am putting a stop in my love life. I'm finding my focus. What do I really want? Career or job? But it is at this time of my life that I realized, I had been missing out a lot. I start to see things from different angle. I am opening my ears to everyone who is wiling to share and advice. I am opening myself up to invitations to breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or just merely hang out. In the past, all that I focus was money and love. Nothing else. I am disappointed at myself that only now, when I'm left alone, I realized I am not alone at all. I still have friends who really cared for me. Those who really went out to help me. Those who are willing to spend their time just to hear me rant. It is only until when I am down at the valley that I know, no matter what happened, I still have my friends with me. Thank you friends. Thank you so much. I shall learn to enjoy my scenery around me =)


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