Hitz.fm Kuching Birthday Invasion

Dated 2nd November 2012. Hitz.fm Kuching Birthday Invasion was once again in town! I heard the one on 2011 was a huge hit so I vowed to go last year. I did not regret going! It was so fun!

The tickets that I got from the vouchers shared on Facebook. Went to KIRC which is now known as Le Park to exchange the vouchers into tickets.

The stage from where I stood. I was standing quite far away as we were there rather late due to search of parking space. Oh it's horrible looking for parking space. Sigh. I think we need more multi-level carparks in Kuching.

There. Greyson Chance performing on stage. I personally think that he's a way better singer than Justin Bieber. Age is never the matter. He's got the voice.

After the party, we went to McD for supper and guess who we bumped into. Hitz.fm radio announcers! A photo must not be missed. Heee~

Although I'm a bigger listener of Mix.fm, but I think a party like this once a year is a great gather for everyone =) We do need more event throughout the whole year in Kuching. Now who says we can't party at home? Heee~

"Keep your schedule full. Not with multiple jobs but with friends and fun will come along"


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