Chinese New Year @ The Raintree Restaurant BCCK

Chinese New Year is JUST NEXT WEEK!!!!! Time flies a lot these days right? And time is still flying. So are you flying too? Have you prepared everything? Food? Snacks? Drinks? Clothes? Shoes? Decors? Or are you the true-Malaysian whereby you're still doing your last minute shopping and still going around town searching high and low for places to dine for Reunion Dinner?

Ah! I'm here to bring you good news! I too went searching for places to dine for the whole week of Chinese New Year. Um....ok I lied. I'm helping all of you to do your homework. Oh don't thank me. Let's just hear my story and view my photos before you thank me alright? =)

Presenting to you, awesome food from The Raintree Restaurant located at BCCK. This time I'm not gonna force you guys to sit the traditional round table but instead, we're gonna go the buffet style. Oh yeah! 

How much you ask? It's ONLY RM68 nett per person and as for children age from 5-12 years, it's RM34 nett per person. Now name me another place in town where you can get awesome food at this price. Hold on a sec! You don't wanna call for reservation without knowing what's on the menu right?

Be ready for mouth-watering food. Make sure you have tissue packets with you right now =D

Chinese Popiah with Condiments & Sauce. 

Note: The sauce is a special mixture created by BCCK's Chinese Chef, Chef Peter Ngu, who used to work at Empress Cruise Ship!!! That sauce is definitely something that made me wanting to bring it back for my mom! Yes it is that nice!

Sze Chuan Hot & Sour Seafood Soup.

It is indeed hot and sour. This dish is definitely the huge kick-start for dinner. Surely enhanced my appetite that night. Simply hunger for more!

The main dishes:
Baked Snapper Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce
Home made Beancurd & Minced Chicken
Braised Three Mushroom with Garden Green Vege
Steamed Chicken with Dried Golden Mushroom

Want me to rate the food for you? I think I'll rate every dish 9 out of 10. It's just way too delicious to be described in words! I fell in love with the beancurd & minced chicken! I was sulking the whole night cos the portion is so little =( I want more!!! Man I can't wait to dine there! Grrrrrrrr!!!

Dessert time! I love desserts~ Oh what's a perfect dinner without finishing it with fresh fruits and sweet cakes right?

This piece of chocolate cake made everyone fell head over heels! Simply unbelievably AWESOME!!! 

Cheesecake with coconut on the bottom.

Chilled Longan & Sea Coconut. 

*Urp!* Oops excuse me =D

Is that it? Oh of course not! How can I disappoint you all with only those dishes right? They actually have different menu for each week! No no no I'm not gonna list down all the dishes. You're gonna go there and tell me what dish do they have and which one is your favourite. Teeheehee~

Think I'm missing something?



YEE SANG!!!!!!!!

People always say, "Save the best for last". So yes I'm saving the best for last!

BCCK The Raintree Restaurant's Prosperity Yee Sang!!! 

Come let's read a little facts about Yee Sang.

From Google: Yee Sang is a Teochew style raw-fish salad. Yee Sang is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor. While everyone thought that Yee Sang is from China, it is actually created and popularised in SINGAPORE!!! Who would have thought about that! And how do you eat it? Everyone gotta stand up surrounding the Yee Sang and toss it using chopsticks. It is believed that the height of the toss reflects the height of the diner's growth in fortunes, thus diners are expected to toss enthusiastically.

Something new for you to learn eh? =)

Raw salmon for Yee Sang!

The nice waitress helped us prepare our Yee Sang while we sat and watched. It's my first time watching how Yee Sang is being prepared.

Lots of condiments and sauces to be added.

And then we start to toss! The higher the better the huat'er!!!

The aftermath =D

So are you still hesitating of where to dine? Oh come on! If my photos can't convince you, then why don't you head over to The Raintree Restaurant this weekend and show me your photo skill!

Starting from January 22 to February 6, 2012!!! ONLY RM68!!!!! Available from 6.30pm until 9.30pm. 

Let's feast together like the Dragons and with the Dragons and be as prosperous as the Dragons! *rawr!*

CALL NOW!!! 082-392988


Anonymous said…
Hie Angel, thanks for coming and blogging about the BCCK CNY Buffet :)

Just some typo that needs editing: for children from 5-12 we are selling it at RM34 not RM35. And it's a different menu for each week instead of 3 different menus for different days...

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