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Am proud to announce myself as a Sarawak Blogger now. Well, I have always been a Sarawak blogger. But now I'm more. I'd decided to checkout the new Sarawak Blogger team when I saw the logo up at Irene's blog.

Turns out it really caught my attention. Always wanting to be able to attend events. I just missed out one. The go-kart demo at Hills. Why no one inform me????? Sigh~

Although I'm categorized as a Casual Blogger but it's alright. I'll just have to do some little touch-ups to my posts and I should be fine. Probably I should write with more proper english =) Being under the Prime Blogger category will be more fun cos you will be their priority at inviting to events and parties!!!

So my target now is to try and brush up my english to meet with their criteria. Wish me luck!

Anyway, calling all you Sarawakians out there!!! Just click below and hop on to the site for a visit. Support us ya~~


Sarawak Blogger said…

Glad to know you take the casual blogger status as a challenge to move up to the prime blogger status :-) Thats what we intend to push for, and we are very pleased its working.

Anyway, we are glad to have you in Sarawak Bloggers, and the Hills Go-Kart? Ehh, we dint know about it too.. hahaha... We are still new, give it time.. :-)
yonglim said…
Congratz.. i know u can do it.. keep it UP...
Fahriee said…
Damn bro. Sedih la I read this post. :(
Fahriee said…
Welcome to Sarawak Bloggers, Angel! Hope you have a great time with us. Keep on doesn't matter whether you're Prime or Casual, what matters is your passion for blogging. Keep it up! :)

aNgeL-cuPid said…
@Sarawak Blogger
Thanks for the invite still! =) Will do my best!


Thank you too! But why sedih read this post? Hahaha!
Irene said…
Eh... Don't say like that, Your English is better than mine. Besides, it's open to blogs with any language as long that you don't curse too much ;p
aNgeL-cuPid said…

my english good mea? hahaha!!! I don't think so worh~~ Nah~ don't wana dirty my blog by scolding and cursing ppl. not worth my time =)

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