My Grandpa in Paper!!!!

Hola!!!! I purposely put the pictures for this post super big so that you all can read as I don't do translation. Hahahaha!!!

The story is like this, my grandpa is born naturally with his body structure and system different from all of us. His heart and I think other parts as well, is at the opposite side of the normal person. For one I know is, his heart is at the right side instead of the left. Hehe =)

And then, as research says, this type of people actually won't live long BUT my grandpa is already 80years old!!! Remember we celebrated his 80th birthday with my ah ma on 3rd day of Chinese New Year?

Oh and it was on the 3rd day of CNY morning that the reporter went to interview my grandpa. My aunty, Cindy arranged the reporter for him. Hehe =)
Well in order to show that his body structure is really that way, they need my grandpa to go for an xray and show us all. Hiak~~

My proud happy 80years old grandpa!!!!!

This is the doctor showing the xray of my grandpa. Ok I don't know how to read xrays. Hahaha!!! So you doctors out there, help me read ok? Heheheh =P~

Do not ask me to translate cos I don't even ask my mum to do it for me. Hahaha!

Oh but I know this one!!!! It says, this type of people, those with their body system on the opposite side, is call "Jin Mian Ren" which means mirror image people. Cos when you look at the mirror, your body is the other way round right? Hehehe =D

Ok that's all. Just wana share something with you all about my proud grandpa! He is a one in a million!!!!


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