2nd Year Anni

This year we celebrated our 2nd year anniversary a little earlier cos the actual day falls on a Monday which I have class to attend. So we celebrated during the weekend before it.

Darling kept asking me where to go. We're kinda out of places to try in Kuching. Haha! Probably we should fly out of Kuching just for a dinner eh? Kekeke =P~

Well, I said since Silhouette had been opened for quite some time and we haven't try, so why not? Though we both know it's expensive there, but it's a once in a year thing. And it's a memorable sweet date. So we both agreed to splurge a little on the day.

We were there quite early I think. There were no one in there. Except for a few man sitting by the bar for some drinks.

Now I can have this picture of my own. Hehe =) Always spot it around people's blog.

And then I realized that the wine shelf is like super huge and nice! Dang I wish to have one just like that at my home. Full of wines~~~

Quiet huh~ Is it always this quiet or only on that night?

I find this chair very unique. Guess what hopped through my mind? Remember those old school table whereby you sit by yourself and you have your desktop connecting to your chair? Hahaha! I know I've sat in one before. Forgot where dy.

Time to order. Darling seems to have a thing with the soursop drinks eh. He said it's nice. And has been drinking it lately. Hmm....

While I....ok fine. I forgot what drink is this. It's green so I guess it's apple? Can't remember!

Darling wanted to try out their pizza as he had seen alot from other people's blog as well. And we didn't know it came out this huge! Couldn't finish of course. So I tapao'ed home. Hehe =D

While I have my first taste of lasagna. Kekekee =DD Well I expect more cheese though. Haha! This is a huge portion for me. Darling can't eat beef so I had to swallow all of it by myself =___=''''

My comment of the place? A good try. Not bad. Service is good. Food taste well. Price? I only go to expensive places about 3 times a year? Hahahaha! So probably I won't be back there anymore~ Unless someone is there to sponsor me. Heee~~~

And ah~ Please feel free to drop some comments about where else can I dine in Kuching. Seriously I feel like flying West for our next anniversary.


annna.net said…
Congrats on ur 2nd anniversary & many more to come!

Great choice for venue to celebrate :) I like the pizza at silhouette.

There are many western cuisine restaurant in Kuching which serves great food at affordable price. For celebrations, it's okay to spend more :D
aNgeL-cuPid said…
Thank you anna~

We just wanted to try new environment each year. hehe =) once in awhile spend abit. hahaha! cannot too kiam also =P~

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