My 1st birthday pressie

Ok so here I am to show off my first birthday present this year~~~ I know it's early. And it is SUPER early!!! Hahaha! Actually I received this present last month! February!!! Someone very nice gave this to me cos he saw I posted in fb saying that I want this thing to accompany me during office hours.

And yes, you all should know my office pc is super hyper lousy that I can't even plug in a pendrive! And the most stupid thing is that, it doesn't even have a Windows Media Player! What a waste~!

So here I am. Not going to reveal the nice person =) Cos of a little personal matter.
Yeap! It's original Sony stuff~~~ Wana guess more? Hahaha!

Don't have to guess that hard lah. I'll show it anyway. Oh the cap is a free gift by Sony. Heee~~~ I now have a cap! A black one! A Sony one!!! Honestly this is my first cap!!! I never own a cap in my life~ I mean this type of cap lah. Now I can go jogging with my cap AND MY WALKMAN~~~~~

Ok I know the price tag is still there. Hahaha! It's cos I already know the price so I guess he didn't bother to take it off. Reeeedddddd~~~~ See that reeedddd???? Hehehe =DD He got it in my favourite color too!!!!

I love the lighting! I love the shape! I love the color! I love all of it!!!!!

Now this I will declare as my current BEST gadget!!! Hp stands on 2nd best cos they're getting old already and full of scratches. Though my Samsung is still new but it's not as user-friendly as Nokia. I still support Nokia!!!

Now I can have music in office while I work~~~ Heeee~~~ Yes I brought it EVERYDAY to office and have more than 200songs in it!!! Keeps me entertained when I'm bored and quiet in office~~


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


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