CNY Day 4

4th day of CNY, also is the day to have fun with my cousins before they left Kuching to go back home. So since they all wanted to go sing some songs, I booked a room at Popwave Banquet for 8 of us. Hehehe =DD
My attire of the day. I love love love skinny jeans now!!! Hehehe =DD I used to be very scared that I might look fat in skinny jeans cos I have wide butts. But heck no! I look so nice in it!! *proud!* Hahahaha!!! You are welcome to vomit. Kekekeke =P~

The three happy ladies~ They're the KL version while me, Chee and Ing are the Kuching version. Hahaha! We're the ladies of the Ho family! Yay!!!

Ah Han and Shin Yin singing duet oohhh~~~ Yin was back from China for about 2 months if I'm not wrong. She went there to study chinese physician. Don't play play arh!!! Grandchildrens of my ah kong and ah ma all came out to be doctors, accounts related job and engineers! WoOtz!!! Do not fool us cos we'll fool you back! Blek~~

Han!!! Why sing til so chi cham? Don't so emo leh~ Hahahaha!!!!! she singing or shouting at football games? Hahahahaha!!! NOT MY IDEA!!!!

We all had so much fun though I forgot to take picture of myself and another cousin, Chee. Viki came over to join for awhile. Haha! That's all for day 4 I think. Hehe =) I miss them much much!!! It's gonna be 2years from now til I see them again. Take care!!!

Hugs!!!! That's all about my CNY this year. Will update more!


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