Wedding dinner @ Hilton

Last Tuesday I received a call from my cousin, Chee asking me to accompany her to a wedding dinner at Hilton as her parents weren't able to attend. Since it's free, who doesn't want right? Hiak hiak! So that day I left office earlier to go home get ready for the dinner. We reached Hilton around 7pm. Not knowing who the bride neither the groom, we just went in. The only thing we know is that, we will be sharing the same table with my aunty's dance classmate.

I took the invitation card from Chee and have a look at it. Groom's name Chua Kim Hock and bride's name Annis. When I saw the name Chua Kim Hock, one of my colleague's name suddenly came into my mind. I was wondering whether are they related. Just as I sat there for few minutes, I saw him! Hahaha! He was busy walking around. When he finally saw and greeted me, I asked what's his relation with the groom, he said he's his bro. What a small small world!!! Small small Kuching!!!

Feeling much better at least I know someone in the hall either than my Chee Chee. Haha! Then I start my all-time-favourite; snapping pictures!

There was a pair of ice carved swans placed in front of the stage. Well, I don't really dare to walk around and snap pics. So I only sit down and snap. Hahaz!
There, the handsome groom and pretty bride. They're both really good-looking. Can see that Kim Hock was really happy that night. Hehe =D
Red wines were being served *grins* We had 3 types of drinks; chinese tea, orange/sprite and red wine. Hahaz! First time I see so many glass on a table.
First dish: Poh piah, jellyfish, and I don't know the rest =) The orangy decor at the side are actually jellies (agar-agar).
Second dish: Shark fin's soup. Yummy~! We add our own recipe; red wine. Hahaz!
Third dish: Mantou with sweet sauce chicken meat. Slurps~! I love this dish!!!
Fourth dish: Oat prawn (-.-)''' No comment.
Fifth dish: Steamed fish. This one's nice too!!! It's soft and sweet!
Sixth dish: Yam with mix vege.
Seventh dish: Rice with nuts. They call this 'ba zhang'. Hahaz!
Last but not least! The dessert!!! Yummy~!~!~!~! This cake is D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.!!!!! Mocha cheese cake!!! Yum!!! I LoOoOoOoVE IT~!
Me and Chee~ Hehe =D Happy happy us cos get to eat free. Hiak hiak hiak!!! Til then~ Cheers~


SilverIsle said…
It has been a while since I last attended a wedding dinner. Gosh. Haha.
ahlost said…
[silverisle] it's a good thing, isn't it? hahaha...

[gel] chua kim hock got related with who? *LOL*

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