Specially delivery for Timothy~

Last Friday was Tim's birthday. I wasn't able to join in their surprise party cos was having class. Sowee Tim~ Anywayz, what should I write about him hor? Hmm...he's a very special guy. Someone who is very artistic, creative and has his own style in all ways. He does fabric designs!!! Hiakz!

I wana apologize for making this post so late cos was busy throughout the whole weekend. 3 days late oh~ Sowee~ Well, as always, and again, I ordered a cake for u via online =P I know they bought chocolate cake for you and this one's chocolate as well, but this one's with strawberries leh! =D
I heard you enjoy lots on that night. Nice to know that =D I saw all the pics as well. Hehe =) And since I wasn't there, I had to ask pics from people. Sorry la. Was browsing through KB team's site but none have your pic without watermark. And none have your pic with only you in it. Hahaz! Hope you don't mind I put up this pic =D
Hereby I wana wish you :-

~Happy happy happy always~
~Grow handsome'er, siaw'er, fun'er, and .......(you add in)~
~Smile always~
~All the best in everything you do~
~May all the angels and saints be with you always~
~May God's light shine upon you~
~Healthy wealthy life~

Last but not least, I still wana thank you for designing my header for me. Still lovin it to the bits!



T-MO-T said…
wahrao! special post for me ah!
waseh! tenkiu ah!

i had fun...
very surprised...
very happy...

where did u get that pic ah!?
SilverIsle said…
Happy birthday Tim! =D

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