HaPpy biRThdAy HeNry~!

WeEeEe~! Firstly I wana apologize for my late entry. Sorry Henz~! Was editing pics. Keke =D Birthday boy birthday boy~! What should I write about you? =) Let's list a few facts about you. Haha! Here goes:-

1. LoOoOoVES BMW!!! Who doesn't know that huh?
2. Cute and naughty!! Big boy already oh~! But there's a saying; Boys will be boys =D
3. Loves anything that gives him adrenaline rush. Hahaz!
4. Comes from a big happy friendly family who loves him lots!
5. Loves McDonald =D
6. Smart boy! Don't buy? Ask him anything =)
7. Loves sports too..badminton, basketball...etc etc..
8. Has a pair of sEXy eyes~ You'll melt if you dare to look deep into them. Hehe =P
9. Will always style his hair before he leaves home. Outlook matters!!!
10. Lastly! He's my baby!!! Wahahaha!!! How I wish. LoLx! JK! He's good-looking, smart, cute...who doesn't want aye? Hehe =D Actually, he's still single. Haha!

So I've decided to have him.....In my blog. LoLx!!!! There you go~ My baby Henz~! I'm so lovin' this pic!!! Melts me so much!!! LoLx!!!!!
And! Birthday boy~! Here's for you! Sorry ah! Can't send cake til Melb, when you're celebrating your birthday here next round, I'll try bake one fer you. Hehe =D

Owh!!!! Not to forget!!!! NEVER EVER FORGET THIS!!!!! Birthday boy's wife.......
This pic is specially edited by me for you baby Henz~! Your birthday gift for this year, can? Hahaha!!! Anywayz, hope you enjoy your day! It's not 12am here yet. So I'm still in 12th Jan. Kekeke =D Hereby, I wana wish you ALL THE BEST THROUGHOUT YOUR WHOLE YEAR~! Love yourself to the depth and never forget to pamper yourself too~! *winks*

HaPpY BiRtHdAy tO bABy HeNry~!

***Hugs and kisses***


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