Sushi King

Hehe =D So this was where I went after I left The Spring. SUSHI KING @ BOULEVARD! I wanted to bring my mum to Boulevard to see see since she never been there yet. Hehe =D We had our lunch over at Sushi King. Yummy!!!And as usual, as Jimmy had mention also. Nowadays trend is, queue for food =.='''
Fishy fishy fishy....The Manhattan Fish Market will be opening right opposite Sushi King.
How do you read this?
The menu....Love it the Jap way~
Mum ordered a set of Komento Bento. Something of that name. Can't really recall. Then I had salmon sushi, crabroll sushi also and etc etc etc...
I like the lamp. I think I'm starting to get attracted to lights, lamps and bulbs. Haha! Oh! And I applied for the discount card dy. They gave me the card on spot BUT the lady told me that their calendar and tea cups are out of stock already. So sad =( And cos of that, I got my card for only RM10. But I want the cups!!!!!
Me, mummy and bro =D

When we were leaving, I saw some familiar faces. It's Eng Sui. Hahaz! So long didn't see him dy ler. Still as tall as ever. LoLx! Anyway, good night people~ Sweet dreams~ Am so gonna have sweet sweet dreams tonight. Spring~ Sushi~ Shopping~ All the S's. Hahaz~ Chaoz~


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