tHe Spring

Today marks the day where The Spring is gonna open. Weee~ So I woke up early morning, got ready and went for breakfast with my mum, bro and two of my cousins. Had our breakfast at Da-Light and met up with Mr Liong, Mrs Liong and Linda over there. Haha!
Then around 10am we head over to The Spring. I drove, kekeke =D Parked my car opposite cos I know if I parked it inside The Spring's carpark, later it's gonna take time to get out. Haha!
The Spring here I come!!!! I was there dy loooo~~~ Hahahaz! Kiasuz cinz!!!
This is the main entrance, Starbucks at the left and Secret Recipe at the right.
Oh My!!! There's SO MANY PEOPLE THERE!!!!! Just look how scary it is =/
All the Kuching-Kiasu-Kias. Haha! Include me!!! Me me me!!!
I saw Sharon posted about this fountain in her blog so I went to show it off to my mum. Hehe =D
Took few nice snaps of the fountain itself. Ran from first floor to ground floor just to snap the fountain. Kekeke =D
Nice~ The coloured plates will move by itself, it goes up and down. Colourful~ See how much this fountain attracts people?
THEN! This is my FAVOURITE section!!! Kua kua kua!!! How can they actually be SO NICE??? They're putting the WINES, red wines and white wines!!! TOGETHER with the CHOCOLATES!!!! I nearly faint seeing all these. Hahahaha!!! I LOVE BOTH WINE AND CHOCOLATE!!!
FERRERO ROCHERS!!!!!!! Dozens of them!!!!!
CADBURY CHOCOLATES!!!! Varieties of them!!!!!
WINES~~~~~ I'm so fainting!!! Haha! As if! How I wish I can have 'em all. Kekeke =P~
OoOoOo~~~ Sweet, sour, spicy, dry....You name it they have it. Hehe =D

I heard my cousin said there will be performance in The Spring throughout the whole day. She said there's some drum performance by CHMS No. 1. She was just saying it then we heard drum rolls. CooL~ I ran and ran to the stage. Wahahaha!!!
That time I was at second floor, snapped this pic there. Can't really see anything from above. So I decided to go downstairs. Ran all the way down again. LoLx! People must have think that I'm crazy. Hahaha!
Took this pic behind crowds. I'm edy at first floor. But still can't see anything from here. Simply snap some pics. Then I saw the dj side, there seem to be some space there for me to squeeze in. I see few pros photographer there snapping pics. I wonder if I can get in there with my lil Casio digital camera.
I tried and I MANAGED!!! Am so happy and proud of myself. Kns! Haha! Beside me were those pro photographers. Tsssk!!!!
But who cares! I still manage to get in. Hahaha!!! Not bad la the performance. They wore the golden masks, then when finish, they threw the masks all over the floor. Wonder for what.

Then I shopped around The Spring. Sorry there's no list of the shops that are opened. Cos I didn't take note for that. Hehe =D Went to look for my mum and cousins, then we head over to the food bazaar thought wana lunch there...but....there's so many people!!! It's so full!!!
While waiting for seats (which we thought there will be any) =.=''' I snapped few pics again. The pic above is the bench on a water pool in the middle of the food bazaar. My mum was like saying me 'water also wana snap'. Ish! So no fun la! If only I went with KB family. But it's ok. I bought a biggy white handbag at Fashion Girl. That's enough to make me happy.
Back to the pool, see people even threw coins in it to make wishes. Haha! How cute!
The B.E.A.U.TIFUL lights in the food bazaar. Hehe =D The Spring is all about flowers. Nice lovely colourful flowers all around the floors and walls =D Am going back there again next weekend!!!! Cheers people~

p/s: We didn't take our lunch there. Left for somewhere else. Updates soon!


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