HaPpY biRThdAy dODi~!~!~!~!

**Caution: This post will be in a new language. It's call the ED Language!**

Today is Dodi Paul's birthday~ Who is Dodi Paul? EarthDance's handsome man la! No la. He's only handsome to Momi. Hahaha!!! Anywayz, we were suppose to head over for steamboat to celebrate Dodi's birthday, BUT LEH! Dodi too good lor. He said he doesn't wana go cos he doesn't want us (his ED kids) to spend money ma. So leh hor! The party cancelled. So sad lah!

Dodi!!! Must replace the party ok??? We want party!!! Hahaha!!! Not only me leh weh! Ask the rest also ma. They all sure wana party. Even Momi also wana party. See Momi even told me her birthdate say must remember oh! Then must got party oh! Hahaha!!! Si ai bin! JK!!!

Since Dodi so nice la. Still asked us to save up our money to buy CNY clothes then he'll be more happy. Haiyo! Anyway, since Dodi so nice, so I decided to dedicate a post specially for him~

Dodi DoDi DODI!!! I MADE YOU A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! online~ =D I don't know this cake nice or not cos the bakery doesn't allow me to taste it. And hor! They only allow me to take pic of it. Hahaz!
Dodi DoDi!!! Got cake liaw. Must share share cake ok? Then after you eat, tell me nice or not. Then next time baru I see wana go back to the same bakery or not. Hiak hiak hiak!!!

PeoPLe~~ HeLLo pEopLe~~ OoOh pEOplE~!~! Presenting to you all out there~~~ The pic below is my Dodi Paul~ Handsome leh *cough* Hahaha! JK! He today one year older lor! Dodi so old liaw I still don't know. I still thought Dodi one year younger. Hahaz!
Dodi ah! Soli ah! I have to 'curi' your wedding pic. Can't find any of your 'engtao' pic leh. You don't upload your own pic into friendster. Not even Momi got your pic. Haiya! I see your friendster all Momi's pic then hor, Momi's friendster ALL HER ZHI LIAN PIC LEH!!! Why Momi so zhi lian then you not leh? Hahaha!!!

But still I'm smart, I found this super shuai pic of you. Wahaha!!! *oops!* Ok la. Hereby I wana wish My LovEs-dAnciNg-sUPer-eNgtaO DODI:

~aLL thE bESt iN eVerytHinG yOu dO
~Jia yOu (Momi said she loves baby) *hint hint* LoLx!!!
~sTay cOoL & sHUai aLwaYz
~sTay heaLtHy & wEaLtHy $$$ (by then don't forget all your kids!!!)




muakakkakakaka ... u got a very special dodi and a si ai bin de momi, ei, remember my bday o, wakakakakakkakaka
paul dodi said…
cake is delicious and remember to buy many many baju cantik kasih saya tengok during cny and thanks my big baby angel.

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