HaPpY 6tH aNniVerSarY tO earTH DancE~

WeEeEe~~~~ As many doesn't know!!! Even Dodi Momi doesn't remember!!! But I do~! Hahaha! Today marks the day of the 6th year anniversary since EarthDance started!!! Heee~

Well, I don't really know the history of EarthDance since I'd just planted my seed 5months ago. Hahaz! I like going dancing at EarthDance! Then whenever we have any performance or gathering, everyone gives everyone the feeling of being in a big BIG family~! We are ONE! We are EarthDancers! Right Dodi Momi? Hehe =D

I'm gonna put up a few links below. It's where you can find out more about us @ EarthDance! And not to forget!!!

EarthDance was formed by Paul Lau Lee Poh (Dodi) & Alysha Toh Siew Wei (Momi). They both started dancing since then *ahem* that time they were 'paktoh'ing' if I'm not mistaken. Hiak hiak! Til now that they're married! Heee~

Here are the links peepz~

EarthDance friendster ~ http://profiles.friendster.com/earthdance
EarthDance website ~ http://www.earthdance2u.com
Alysha Momi's friendster ~ http://profiles.friendster.com/alyshatoh
Paul Dodi's frienster ~ http://profiles.friendster.com/paullau
Alysha Momi's blog ~ http://weiwei.myearth2u.com


This is us~! We are ONE~! Hey EarthDancers!!! Do gather around our site aight? Heee~ Love you all so much!!!! I LOVE EARTHDANCE~! DODI MOMI I LOVE YOU~! Hahaz!

HaPpY 6tH yEAr aNnivErsARy tO eaRThdANcE~!!!!


ahlost said…
happi anniversaly.. hahaha..
Warrence said…
Yes EarthDance forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAHHH

So happy to see someone talk about Earth Dance here haha! I should have say something about EarthDance in my blog also. aNgel i COPYCAT you, bluek!
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahaz! eee! warrence copycat! lolx! surely need write lor. anniversary worh!
ed never remember the anni, and ed never celebrate anni, angel marks the 1st one, n oso the xxxx one, angel u get wat i mean, hehehe

so touched when i read this post ... :)

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