Bee Farm & Bao Mo Garden

Ok no matter how no mood I am to blog, I MUST BLOG TONIGHT! At least make one post. Else my blog will go RIP for one whole week again. 

So, yesterday was Valentine's Day. How did you celebrate yours? Receive roses and chocolates? Or some exquisite dinner at special hotel restaurant? I didn't celebrate mine this year. Not that I'm alone or what. But I had to 'date' my lecturer for 3 hours straight after work. And you will say 'Go after class lah!'. You try to work whole day and class for 3 hours. See you fall to bed or not.

Now, continue my vacation post. I know it's long and dreadful but HEY I still have tones of photos to post and there's a video which I still fail to upload into YouTube all thanks to Streamyx or should I say Slowmyx.

On the I-forgot-which-day-of-the-trip and I'm lazy to count back, we went to a bee farm after breakfast. It's located rather far away from city center. Well it's a farm. So what can you expect. It's not like someone can build a farm next to the skycrapper or the playground. 

The entrance of the bee farm. The farm is call 'Feng Xian Zhi'. And this is the only photo I posted. Cos the rest all are just bees. Never see bees kah you? Ish! =D

Next we moved onto lunch and then went to an awesome museum!

This place is called Bao Mo Garden. It's really huge and awesome like the Shenzhen Cultural Village and the Guangzhou Zoo. China is really huge and everything they have are like 10 times bigger wider larger than ours!

LOOK AT THEIR TOILETS!!!!!! Will you even believe that this is actually a toilet??? I almost bring back the walls and ceilings!

The specialty of this museum is their wax statue. But this one they kept it nicely behind glass wall. Can see cannot touch!

Why is it call a garden? Because there's a huge garden behind the indoor museum!!!

A walk to remember~

Nice or not? There's even lakes of fishes inside. Looks like our Friendship Park here.

And there's not only garden, THEY HAVE A ROSE GARDEN!!!!!! I fell in love with this place when I saw those colorful bed of roses~

Mom sniffling a white rose and she requested for this photo cos Rose is her Catholic name. Heeeeee~

Still got roundabout inside! wOOt!!! Oh that painting behind me, here's the story:

Try spot a half horse body and out of the thousands mini humans being drawn onto the painting, there's only one lady. =D They (I mean Chinese) actually HAND-PAINTED that whole painting! Just compare me and that painting and you will know how big is it.

Ok enough crap. Next post coming in on Saturday. Have a great weekday ahead~ It feels like Sunday today =.=


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