Dr Sun Yat-Sen's Resident

Chinese New Year is officially over. Gotta roll back to normal work days no matter how much you hated it. But well, it's another start! So heads up peeps! Stay strong for year 2011!!! The best has yet to come!

Does anyone here knows who is the first president of China? Let me bring you back to history =D I'm a sucker in history subject in school but I think this vacation had taught me alot about China's history. I get to know who is the president, who is the patriot and who else is who. Some of you may say that this is boring but I think what's boring is just texts on books. Try going to a school where they bring you all over the historical place. I'll tell you it's fun!

I'm lazy to introduce much. If you want more info, you can always ask Google. Haha! Here is Dr Sun Yat Sen's house in Guangzhou when he was young. Man this house stood there for over 200 years!!!! He was a Chinese doctor who then known as the Founding Father of Republican China. 

You can still see his room, living room, kitchen and also a small clinic where he used to keep all the medicines. It's great how the Chinese maintained the house so well.

Photos are not allowed at many sections though. And we didn't get to enter the house. Just walking around it. Probably it's too old already. He built this house with a little western concept. The 'open window' concept as said by tour guide.

Here's a little story about Dr Sun Yat Sen. But you might prefer googling for it instead.

Next to his old residence, the Chinese then build a memorial hall. All of his history and family backgrounds are stated inside.

After we left Guangzhou, we headed over to the last town in China. A small little place called Zhuhai. It was the last night at China and the feeling wasn't that nice cos I'm gonna miss the place though there's some black dots around but there's just a reason for me to miss that place =)

We came to Art Restaurant in Zhuhai for dinner. This restaurant is very very VERY beautiful!!!!! There's always a reason behind every name aye?

AND THEN I FOUND A HUSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which refused to look at my camera. It's huge!!! I didn't dare to go any closer because the owner said it's not so friendly towards strangers =/

After dinner, of course, was to head to another hotel at Zhuhai for the night off.

Quite a beautiful hotel but this hotel suck. There is wireless internet but you gotta pay for it. And all the other toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste,shaver are not free! But it's not those that frust me. It's the internet thing! I want to online! The one and only thing that I NEED to have when I'm travelling is internet connection and yet I do not get them at this hotel. Urgh!

Ok forget about the frust. I still prefer Shenzhen's hotel =) Hotel Bonanza!!! The best of all hotels!


Laura said…
hi perpetua, they didn't let you in to sun yat sen's house? that's too bad. when i went last time, we could still go in. it was fun cause the 'food' on display is like my family's canto food. and it's like a little village in there...=)

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