From Macau to Hong Kong!

So~ After we left Venice (the fake one) we headed over for dinner at Macau. The dinner place was located near the airport and I do wonder why and then when we reached, I saw the sign saying it's a hotel o.O??? We actually went to a hotel near the airport to have dinner? LoL???

See the sign? No lies~ But hey this restaurant served AWESOME FOOD!!!!!! Ok at least they're like TEN TIMES BETTER than China's food. No food pic cos it was too nice that I gulped them all before remembering I need to take photos =.= Hmm...Probably we're more used to Canto food. Heeee~

And again the awesome Christmas decor~ Whylahhhhhhh Kuching's Christmas decor suck like shit compared to theirs???

See how amazingly and greatly and creatively they use up all the lights to beautify the decor? Learn from it people! We need better and much MUCH better decors here!!!

After the finally-good dinner, we rushed to catch the last ferry and off we went to Hong Kong!!!!!

The effing dizzyshit ferry that made me nearly vomited =.= F-the-ferry-L!!!!!!! I will never ever EVER take that ferry again!!!

Down from ferry, checked from immigration centre and we went straight to the hotel and crashed right away. LOL

The beautiful yet grand hotel! Damn just look at how big the room is! And the view is damn awesome (shit I should have taken a photo!!! cursed-self-cursed!)

And that's my bro requesting for a poser pic =.=

Tomorrow is the last day of February 2011. How time really fly~ Can I stop the clock please? Or wait! Maybe I should not stop it cos I'm looking forward to finish my course and then to fulfill my new dream =)


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