Elizabeth Kiing Charity Dinner & Dance

What did you do last Friday night? Partying like Katy Perry did? Or out on movies with friends? =) I had a great time with awesome ladies at a charity dinner. One which I cracked my head and almost tear down my wardrobe just to think of what to wear. Why? Because the dinner theme was 80s style! Hehe =)

Elizabeth Kiing, for the love of beads and more beads! Originally from Australia, living in Hong Kong, had expanded their business throughout the whole world! Never judge what small things like beads can bring you up aye? What takes to be successful is quality, workmanship and of course, after sales service. Now that they've reached Malaysia, let's take a look about their beads shall we?

Arrival of YB Yong Khoon Seng just minutes after I reached. Phew I was almost late!

Hampers and awards ready to be presented to sponsors and winners =)

The bunch of photographers who would never stop clicking and flashing their lights whenever anyone walk pass. Made us all felt like celebrity. Ho ho ho!

There, all sorts of beads comes in forms of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. You named it, they have it! I don't normally accessorize myself so nope, I didn't buy any from there. =)

Some of them come in sets too. That way you wouldn't end up matching the wrong earrings with different color or pattern necklace.

A unique set of necklace which attracted me. Hmm..I was thinking of using it for something else =P

What's dinner without food right? Yes but I didn't take any photos of the food cos we're sharing our table with other people, so it would be rude to stop them from eating =P

Here comes the performance! Elvis Presley of Kuching. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! 

And then the fashion show of the beautiful beads.....

Another pretty model....

This is the exclusive dress of the night. Filled with so many beads that I got blinded =P It's a beautiful dress. I love the details on top. Ahhhhh!!!!

Another set of beads for wedding ceremony.

There, that's Elizabeth. The CEO of Elizabeth Kiing Beads & Accessories.

Oooo did I mention there's dance performance too? They're students of Swinburne University who were all from Africa. Awesome dance there!

Now we know how African dance is like =)

Commercial break: Spot this lil boy taking photos all over the place for the whole night using a DSLR!!! One which is so much better than mine. *gasp!* One cool kid!

Back to business. Guess who's on stage? Our pretty sweet Eve Dutchez won the Best Dressed Lady!!! I always look up to her when it comes to fashion and makeups. She's one awesome lady who knows her style and how to flaunt it! Go girl!


Ok beauty times!

The 4 striking ladies who shone the whole place that night because we're the only 4s that put all our efforts into matching with the theme! We're colorful aren't we? Hehe =P

Bah! It's was a really fun night. I always love food that comes with dance and awesome musics! What's more? I get to know there's so many types of beads available! So go seek Elizabeth Kiing in Google now. Oh wait! They do have a store here in Kuching! ONE JAYA!!!!!!! Go grab your favourite piece while stock last!

Best door gift I've ever received so far. Another charm bracelet added to my collection =D Give a girl a beautiful accessory and she'll smile for the whole night.


ahlost said…
Wootz.. the 4 pretties..

and the door gift is really nice too :)

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