The Common Ground

I believe in every relationship, both of you have to have at least one similar interest. Be it the love for food, similar hobby, practice the same sports or even simple as love to read.

Similarity is very important in a relationship. Without the similarity, you can’t find a common ground to agree on. I always go against the Yin and Yang concept and the opposites attract concept. The one that says you compliment each other by being the different person than him/her. Yes there should be some compliment, but a couple can never be the total opposite character of his/her other half.

Nothing will go wrong during the dating stage. The romantic stage is where both parties are blinded by the overly heated love atmosphere. But what happens when you argue as time pass? Two different people with different thoughts, opinions and characters will have endless argument. It is during this time that your common ground, similar interest that is going to bring you to back to reality.

You see, when you have different opinion and especially when this issue is going to be long, you both need time off. Not time off from each other. But time off to do that similar interest. It’s the same situation as when someone is bored or unhappy. You will result to your hobby; play the guitar, dance all out, eat as much as you can and etc. You will feel better after that right?

So, when in a relationship, this similar interest will bring you two back by doing the activity which both of you enjoy very much when you were still single. They say the more the merrier. Imagine dancing out together or go to library and read books together or go for a swim together. This will definitely bring you both back to the calm mind and feel way better about yourself and the other person.

Later on during the week, sit down again to resolve the problem when you both are calm and in the right mind. Think back of how much you have done together to reach today. Appreciate the good times and learn from the bad so it doesn’t repeat.



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