Mask. Something that we wear everyday. To conceal the personalities we choose to keep within. No matter who you are or who you think you are, there will always be personalities that you keep to only yourself. Or to conceal from certain people.

How often do you reveal your true self to people? How much do you know about your true self? You may walk around with a smile, but are you truly happy? You may go around showing anger, but are you really that mad? Do you really know who is your true self? You may and you may not. It is a very subjective question.

Sitting at a cafe in the mall. Watching and observing people around. Promoters busy promoting. Cashiers busy counting money. Assistants busy packing goods. Parents busy feeding their kids. Children running around. Security guards standing and watching. Baristas busy pouring coffees. Everyone is busy. Everyone is occupied. Everyone, is concealing what's really happening behind in their life. 

It is only when the door is close. The curtains drawn. The lights off. That one became own true self. The mask being put down. All feelings reveals. All emotions release. The happy smiles. The angry rage. The confuse sleepless. The sad, tears...

Why did you put up that mask? Why do you conceal and do what is not right? I'm not saying at every single moment you should reveal your true self. In the society now, nothing and no one is safe and true. Fair enough, we just wanted to protect ourselves. But sometimes the more we protect, the more we reveal. At the end when the truth came out, you will never be on the winning side. 

I'm still holding onto a phrase a dear friend gave to me years ago. "Everything in life is a choice. Not fate. Choose wisely." So choose! Choose to be happy. Choose to be cheerful. Choose to be joyful. And all joy will be yours to receive. Why choose to put on the smiling mask when you should choose to put on that true mask which shows who you truly are from within?

I wonder what are the masks I'm gonna see tomorrow...

Remember...choose your mask wisely...


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