Padawan Fair 2012

It's Friday night and I'm stuck at home with Gossip Girl. It's the night where the Rainfest had begun. Many went, but some don't. So, what are you doing on this Friday night? Partying with the crowd or uptown? Anyway, I'm looking forward to my very first dance at Rainfest this year which is happening tomorrow night! 

Meanwhile, I need to calm myself down before I explode again. Ah it's such a bad day. I mean, yes it's been very ordinary, nothing special. But that's the problem with me. Going in and out of this same routine. Nothing more than that everyday. Ok I'm just bored. Ignore me. I better do another post about all these craps.

Here, I'm supposed to be posting about Padawan Fair that happened at MJC Township couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's still there or has it ended. Passing by several nights, the sign sure caught my attention. So one weekend I dragged bf there for dinner. Well, it's a very small fair compared to Kuching Fest of course. Less varieties of food. But then again, at least it's there for the few weeks and can occupy the boredness out of the many people like me.

Set up are much like Kuching Fest. They sell mostly same stuff. Sio bee king is there, fried durian is there, kuih stall is there, Taiwan sausage is there as well. But within a few minutes, I see nothing as interesting as Kuching Fest. So we just settled ourselves with very simple dinner.

Nasi lemak! I know it's nothing special but we were so attracted by the rendang. I have no comment about this dish cos it's just another local dish available everywhere.

And then I found my new found love, Takoyaki balls! Ever since I had them at Kuching Fest last year, I fell for them. Then I found it at Tarot Cafe too! So now everytime I'm there, I will order this =P

A stage was also set up for entertainment sake. All I heard was aunties and uncles singing Hakka songs, Hokkien songs and so on.

I can't wait for Kuching Fest to start. It's coming on the 20th of July and the next day Ramadhan bazaar is gonna start too! Oh awesome July and August! I found out that the 2nd half of the year is always better. There's more events to check out.

Right. Better off to pack my stuff for RWMF tomorrow. Holler me if you're there~


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