Ramadhan Buffet is BACK!

To all my Muslim friends, I wish you all well during the Ramadhan month. 

The best thing of BCCK is back! The Ramadhan Buffet 2012! I wasn't there last year but I heard the food was good. So no matter what, this year I must not miss the opportunity to give it a try. 

I've only been to BCCK three time. Well, of course only when there's event then I'll be there. It's not like I work there =) I remember early this year, I was there for the CNY food tasting at Raintree Restaurant. It was a very pleasant experience as it's my first time dining there. The chef was so friendly that he described all the dish to us. How it was cooked and what ingredient was being used. You all know I'm very busybody right? So yes we asked alot and boy, the chef must be tired after the dinner =P

Let me just tempt you with some food from previous CNY post: Chinese New Year Buffet 

I'm hoping that this year the Ramadhan Buffet, which is gonna be my first time, will not let me down. I heard a friend saying he's so willing to pay for another round of Ramadhan buffet after he came back. When someone said he's going back for more, you know the food is surely good. I can't wait til this Saturday for the big feast!

Join me everyone! Let's hangout at BCCK during the month of Ramadhan~


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