The Goat's Family

I've recently created a goat family at my office. Haha! Well, today is my happiest day at work I say? Hehe =) This morning Grandfather Goat came to office til lunch time. Then he's off til now. An hour ago, Father Goat came to office. And he's gone dy. Half hour ago, Big Goat came to office, which made me WeEeEe~~~ Hahaha! I knew he'll come! Then just few minutes after he came, Small Goat walked in! OMG! My eyes was sOo wide open looking! Of cos not at them la. At my colleagues. Haha! What a SurPriSe!!! Did talked and played around with Big Goat but Small Goat no nothing =( sad sad...The only word he said to me today is "Bye". And that's ALL! Can you imagine that? Just a goodbye? Haiz...Now Small Goat had left. Leaving here soon will be Big Goat. So 'bu she de' they go leh. Want peek peek awhile more. Heee~ But I'm happy today~~~


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