Bloop de Paris!!!

I'm sOoOoOo H.A.P.P.Y!!!! Know why? Cos i'm happy la! Haha! No la. The story is like this.

Yesterday I went home after work and saw a letter for me from BluInc(a company la). So I thought, 'ahh...later then read la. lazy now'. So I put it aside lor. Went to do house chores first. Then go pick my mum from work. Didn't even bother to open up the letter la. Until I was free, sat there waiting for dinner, I opened up the letter and read. (-_-).......................(O_O)!!! WHAT???? I WON A PRIZE!!! I couldn't believe my eyes so I proceed reading it. Bla bla bla.... I REALLY did won! Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha! I quickly tell mummy lor. Sure she happy la. You can see immediately there's a smile on her. hehe =D

This contest thingy was from the magazine Seventeen which I ordered monthly. It was during February that I joined the contest (now is already JULY!) but who cares anyway. Haha! I see the prizes so attractive so I joined lor. Sent two postcards over to KL. One with my name and the other is Bryan's name. Really unexpected that I'll win. Haha! The prize I won is a set of Bloop de Paris (cosmetic stuff) worth RM128. hehehe *winks* I even took the picture of the letter which was sent to me. Haha! But now the original letter is with my aunty. Coincidencely she's going over KL today so I quickly pass to her lor. Asked her to help me pass to my aunty at KL and she'll help me claim. hehe =) But don't know when will I get the prize la. But nevermind. As long it's safe with my aunt. Hiakz!
Nah! See! Told'ya I took the pics. Haha!
A bigger clearer view. Heheheheeee.........


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