What we want most

Have you ever cried all of a sudden? Or when you wana stop crying, you just can't? Or even cry over small matters like talking to your ex?

It happens. Girls, especially. Guys will never understand why we cry so easily. They will always say we're a cry baby or we're being controlled by our emotion. Then they're not there to hug us, but just watch or even worse, scold us. Asked us to stop.

Sometimes it feels good to cry. Whether to cry alone in the dark or over a friend's shoulder. Crying do makes us feel better. It's like, we can take a part of the sad memories from our heart and mind after crying.

No one cries without having something to hold to. A bear, an arm, a pillow...anything. But what we all know, what we want most...is a hug from our loved ones.


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