Something fun to play. heee~

Your Details

Line of Heart
Your Line of Heart is a curved line. You are creative and sensitive. Sometimes ruled by emotions, sometimes by imagination. Sometimes you let feelings get in the way of clear thinking, and often for the better.

Shape of Fingertips
The tips of your fingers are pointed. Sometimes your dreams get in the way, and sometimes they lift you above the fray. You value physical beauty and can be overly sensitive, but seldom waste too much time over thinking situations.

Thumb Flexibility
Based on the flexibility level of your thumb you are generous and open to suggestions. Flexible and friendly, original at times but willing to cooperate with the right persons. Open to experimentation and exploration.

Highest Mound
Your highest mound is on the base if your thumb. A people person. Outgoing and going out. Likes to laugh and party. Appreciates good food, good friends, and good drink.

#Found this game somewhere. It's fun to play. heee~ The site is
Try play around. I think what it said are quite true. Haha!


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