HapPy biRThdaY SiOng!!~~

This post is specially dedicated to my dearest friend Siong~ Paiseh! I wait til today then post this up. Haha! Happy birthday to you~

Last Saturday was Siong's birthday. We planned an outing in the noon. Time set 3.30pm. Meeting venue is Henry's house. I was told to message Henry and Darren Ko when I'm on my way there. So ok lor. I miss called them instead. Haha! I came right after Henry's car. He went out with Melvin. Reached his house. Only me and Melvin was there. Melvin came out of nowhere. Haha! Then Darren Ko arrived. This is what Koko did while waiting for Siong. Online! Macam own house. Haha!
And this is Henry playing ps. Boys will always be boys! Haha!
Melvin pula play Henry's laptop. Don't know what's he doing there. All of them treat Henry's house like their own house! Includes me. Haha!
Sitting there waiting for Siong, I got nothing to do. So just take pics lor. Koko willing to be my model. But why his pose like that? Haha! Siong arrived at 4pm! Birthday boy du si birthday boy! Then we went off to Scoops. In Henry's BMW~~~ WeEeE~~ I sOo lOVe his baby! MmuaCKz! Haha! No I don't love him but his BMW baby. Heee~
This is Siong covering his face when I wanted to take his pic. Siong, "No!! I haven't style my hair and make up!!" Haha! At the back seat were Melvin, Siong and Ko.
This is Henry driving. With Siong's hand molesting! EwWw!
This Mashimaro toy is Koko give me de. I hanged it in Henry's car for pai sui for that noon only. Haha! Cute lei. Heee~ Thanks Ko~
What a bad photographer I am. Haha! Only caught their head.

At Scoops. I wonder what the two of them are looking at...mm...Must be those lenglui who went Hilton to interview for AirAsia.
Melvin and Koko enjoying their gelato. YuM~
WoOt are yOu looking at?
Mm...birthday boy waited for his gelato for so long. Kesian~
Camwhore time! Me and Koko! heee~

Me and Henry! *wink* He's not that engtau in this pic lei. Henry go cut your hair!
Trying to kiss someone? Henry? Haha!
Apala! Ok lor. You take my pic, I take yours lor. heee~
Melvin 'pan cool' reading mag oh. Check check reading Men's Health! How to boost *ahem*! Haha!
Took pic with birthday boy lor. Siong, what you trying to do? Haha!
Nah! This one better la. *smile*
Henry's baby! MmuaCKz! I just loOove it! And that is Siong! Trying to take the front seat from me! Cos he was sandwiched just now. Haha! But I'm clever! I ran to the driver's seat so Henry can't even go in. LoL!!! Then Siong reluctantly went to the back seat. Hahaha! Girls always win! Back at Henry's house. Dropped Siong and Melvin first. One wana go back prepare for his party at night and one wana go home bath. I can't go his party =( so sad. Got Secret Recipe's chocolate cheese cake!!! *sob sob* And I still owe Siong a dinner. Haha!
See what he do right after walked in room? Online!
And Ko? Ps! See smth similar? Haha! Think and let me know. Heee~ After hanging awhile there. I went off to pick my bro from tuition and went home. I heard they had a blast at night. Partied at Siong's house then off to Zen. Siong was the only one who got drunk! Haha! So nice! Oki! Here goes again.......
HaPpy BirThdaY Tan Chun Siong!!!!!


wah.. i look so fat in most of the pics...

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