Chinese Love Test

I know some people may not believe in this kind of stuff. But just for the fun of it. I played the game. The result? Not bad at all! Haha!

You are most compatible with the following signs:

Love: Rat, Monkey
Friendship: Ox, Tiger, Snake, Pig

You are most compatible with the following signs:

Love: Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Monkey
Friendship: Ox, Tiger, Horse, Rooster, Pig

Haha! That's just the love match. Now I got here the love test. Dragon with monkey. Heee~

This relationship generally works quite well, partly because the Dragon woman has unlimited admiration for the Monkey man - it is indeed extremely rare that she admires someone - and partly because he is clever and tolerant enough to successfully manage his fiery mate.

Sharing her life with the Monkey, the Dragon woman will feel that she has an ally, not an opponent. To others, she is prone to show aggressiveness, but his conciliatory attitude will have the effect of giving her some beneficial sense of measure. Of course, she will be sometimes just plain impossible to handle - proud, arrogant, aloof, self-centered, and extravagant - as is her wont. This, however, can only amuse the Monkey man, who is ever determined to see the funny side of life. He may feel somewhat annoyed only when the Dragon's histrionics lose much of their innocence and take on a shade of tyranny. Arguments will not be absent here, for both partners are moved by their heads rather than their hearts; but no danger of any kind will seriously threaten their complicity and mutual understanding.

Their wild social involvement, far from being a divisive factor, will help them stick together. They will share a compulsive need to be understood by fellow beings and communicate with them. Unfortunately, since both of them have too much faith in human nature, they will often be disarmed by their naiveté and unwariness and fall victims to unscrupulous people.

They may encounter some problems on the physical side of their life together. The Monkey man is conspicuously less interested in sex than the Dragon, and this will at times make her feel frustrated and undesirable - a feeling that is utterly unbearable to her. On the other hand, the Monkey man, ever in quest of novelty in every field, is likely to succumb to the charms of a new love from time to time, thereby running the risk of antagonizing his fierce Dragon. But these two can be relied upon to find a way to solve their disagreements without too much hardship.

A stimulating partnership.

Try it yourself~


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