Hyundai on FIRE!!

Hahaha! Don't be so shock la. It's not the Hyundai car on fire la. It's the building. Just now noon around 3.30pm I went to Saberkas with Bryan lor. Upon reaching there, we saw lots of smoke at the sky opposite Saberkas. It looks like it's coming from behind the row of new building. Many people stand outside Saberkas to look at the smoke. Me driving ma. Can't really see also. Too far and got the view got blocked. So I don't care lo. Went shopping first.

Then around 6pm we came out from Saberkas. I wana send Bryan to get his car at West Wing there. So then, we found out what actually happened, where did those smoke come from. It's the Hyundai building next to Courts Mammoth that got burned! But luckily it's only the upper part of the building. When we passed by, the fire brigades were still there. The building turned black la! Fire is really scary!

I kepo'ly quickly took out my hp to take pics. Haha! first thing I thought of was to blog it. But stupid me. My hp cable left at office =( So I can't upload the pics in here. Sad sad. No pics. Haha! Oya! The fire brigade's hose connect til opposite road. And it broke off! Aiya! So many cars drove passed ma. Proved their material lausy. Haha! I also drove pass la. And my car got washed =/ The water so dirty somemore! EeWww!!!

K la. Wana continue my meal. Tata!
p/s: Never play with fire!


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