Star Cruise Celebration Party~

Weee~ Just chatted with Henry minutes ago. He's now at Singapore airport waiting for flight to Melbourne.

Ok. About last night, it was FUN! Haha! For the first time I drank so much at a night! Gosh! I nearly drunk. Haha! It was very fun but there's only one thing not fun. I didn't get to talk to him! What more to say take pic. *sigh* So sad... I did take a few pics la. Don't dare to upload all though. =) Mmm...the fun part? We dance and drink! Yay! Hehe =) Our table was full of jokes and laughter. Thanks to Uncle Yong and the rest of them too. Heee~

From left to right: Ms Chan, Choon Fung, Sze Sze, Uncle Yong and ms Chan's husband, Ah Phen.
WeEe~ Manage to take pic with Rose! Haha! Ey? Black and white? Nah~ Still good sisters! Haha!
And this is Dawn. She was sick leh. Kesian her. But well, she always manage to pull a smile =)
And these are the clerks. Muahahaha! This is the first shot by Johnston. They all complained. (I had to delete the other pic cos smth's wrong with it. hehe...sowee~~)
A night full of laughter and jokes and fun and music and food and beers!!! Surely I wana thank my boss for letting me attend the party as well. Heee~ Hope to have another party like this again! Or even better! Well done people!


ahlost said…
wah.. I look so fat in the pic -_-"

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